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Twelfth Night

6:30pm at Venue, Crave Culinaire
Twelfth Night
Attire: Jacket no tie, with ribbons

It’s widely believed that Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night was first performed in the court of Queen Elizabeth I at Whitehall Palace in 1601. The play immediately became a favorite traditionally marking the end of the holiday season. With that in mind, tonight’s dinner will have a festive Elizabethan theme.

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Why You Like the Wines You Like

5:30 pm at DeRomo’s Banquet Room, Bonita Springs
(This is a Mondiale event)
Attire: Jacket no tie with ribbons

Tim Hanni, author of the best-selling book with the same title as this event, is an internationally recognized wine expert and one of only two Americans to earn the title Master of Wine. Our guest speaker this evening, he promises to change the way we think about wine.

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